Lose Weight

Want to lose weight? We’ve got the right equipment, classes and staff!

If you’re ready to shed a couple of extra kilos or seriously transform yourself naturally while retaining lean muscle mass in a tight toned body… you’re in the right place!


You might ask yourself where to start… At Frank’s Gym it’s easy because when you become a member one of our fully qualified trainers will sit with you and develop a game plan for your own personal success. We’ll ask you what your goals are so we can tailor make a program for the result you want.

We have a great mix of world class equipment and fitness classes to help you mix it up effectively. We’ll assist you with your nutrition which is 80% of the story. So get ready to hit the gym and finally get the results you’ve always wanted. You might be asking what the other 20% is…. Well it’s the time you spend sparking your growth in the club (where ever you may be training).


Fat busting group activities include:

Why should we lift weights?

Here are the top 5 Reasons

  1.     Strong muscles mean less chance of injury, degenerative disease, ageing, arthritis, and osteoporosis.
  2.     Strong muscles mean a better quality of life, for much longer.
  3.     Muscles mean a faster metabolism, faster fat – burning and less chance of getting fat.
  4.     Muscles mean you burn more calories – which means you lose fat quicker.
  5.     A stronger body will help to make all other areas of your life more productive, easier to cope with and easier for you to be more successful!

And remember, always concentrate on form over how much weight you are lifting. If you lift too heavy with poor form it’s the fast track to injury so if you’re not sure and you want to check your form, ask one of our friendly trainers to guide you. Even if you’ve been working out for years it’s a good idea to check because we can fall into bad habits.

So what are you waiting for come and join the best club in Noosa.