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The keys to a successful training program are:

Making it fun! At some stage we all hate exercise so at Franks Gym we try and make it fun and exciting. Each day we aim for our members to think. ” I had better go to the Club, just to see what is happening today!”

Making it Fast! We understand your busy lifestyle and we have invested in the world renowned Nautilus equipment and systems.

State of the art Nautilus and Matrix equipment.


The Nautilus Tread Climbers burn calories and fat twice as fast as any treadmill on the market. As they say. “ Walking is the new running!”

The Power Plate  gives you the benefit of a 90 minute workout in only 15 minutes!

The Expresso bikes, interactive so you take control of tracks downloadable from the net, keep an account of calories burnt and kilometres ridden.

Providing a non-intimidating environment. There are no body builders, g-strings or leotards and a Team that are there to help and make you feel comfortable.

Health not Vanity. The emphasis in our program’s is to improve your general health. Weight loss, improvements in flexibility or fitness are the bi-products of a regular program. These benefits will then reduce the risks of heart disease, back pain, reducing stress and much more. At Franks. We are adding years to your life and life to your years!

We are a founding member of the Fitness QLD Code of Practise. All our team are registered Fitness Instructors and keep in touch with the latest research with monthly in house training. You can be rest assured your program will be designed based upon the latest information so that it is safe, effective and efficient.

Book a personal truing session today with one of our expert trainers!

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