About Frank’s Gym


Founder Frank Everett was an Australian legend in Martial Arts as well as boxing. He was known most of all for his dynamic, friendly personality and
especially his smiling face which greeted members every morning up to his sudden passing away in 2011. At 74 years young, he was a model of health and fitness.

The Everett family have been operating health clubs in Australia since 1969.

There have been many changes to the industry and they have witnessed many
fitness clubs and gyms come and go. Franks has continued to flourish by adopting cutting edge innovation combined with maintaining a friendly ambiance.
This is evident with Franks being branded the ‘locals’ gym and also where the A-grade sporting, political and media celebrities choose to exercise when in

Frank’s is the only fitness club in Noosa that is locally owned and operated. The Everett’s own the building and all of the equipment which means your
investment at Frank’s Gym is safe and your membership fees are constantly reinvested in new equipment.

Not only has Frank’s Gym proven it can modify itself to the ever changing world of fitness, it is able to stay ahead – with a willingness to try new equipment
and methods – so that you get the best results possible.

You can be assured that at Franks you will never get bored… And we will never get bored of constantly improving your fitness experience!

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