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Frank's is now open 24 Hours!

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At Franks we have a class just right for you

The whole crew are crazy nice!

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  • Fitness Hints

    L-Glutamine - why do we supplement with this?

    Because glutamine stabilizes the protein that’s digested by your body during the day and makes it easier for your muscles to use the nitrogen produced from the protein eaten. It is necessary for protein assimilation and utilization. As we work out we deplete our glutamine levels and if you don’t supplement your diet, it can take five to seven days for you body to recover. If you are training to gain while staying lean this supplement will keep your body humming along and your immune system strong.

The facilities at Frank's Gym are world class. That's why I use their Gym for my training on and off season. I'd recommend all the facilities to locals and tourists.
David - Model